Polyphonic Underground - Terrible Investments (Vinyl LP)

from Jonny Fallout

Polyphonic Underground - Terrible Investments
Release Date: May 28, 2021

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Discover the music to soothe your soul after even the most terrible of investments. This is the debut release from Polyphonic Underground, a collaborative, informal collective of synth artists spanning multiple continents. Terrible Investments is a compilation album featuring 10 tracks from as many artists. It is completely self-managed and self-funded.

Available exclusively on vinyl and sold by the artists individually, it has been professionally pressed on 140g black vinyl, and comes with a polylined inner sleeve and a beautiful cover featuring artwork by L'Avenue. To make it the best possible listening experience, all tracks have been mastered for vinyl by Dynatron.

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A1 Kuato Lives! - Interconnected
A2 Robot On A Playground - Light
A3 Zitilites - Daftwave
A4 Serge Tannhäuser - Quantum Swarm Sequence
A5 AI Accident - Dream Drive
B1 Dreddbeat - Where Giants Sleep
B2 HyprDrivr - Traveller
B3 Dronefighter - Countach
B4 Peacecraft - Chase the Darkness
B5 Jonny Fallout - Lights in the Sky



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Jonny Fallout Boston, Massachusetts

Jonny Fallout is an electronic artist / producer of synthwave, retrowave and synthpop with cyberpunk flavor. When he's not abusing the upper limits of his machine's RAM, he's obsessively sampling cool noises, constructing new sounds, or remixing tracks. ... more

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